Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Call From Jessica Simpson

I just received a call from the one and only, Jessica Simpson. I've transcribed our conversation:

Jessica: Hey, Shaun!

Shaun: Hi Jessica!

Jessica: So, uh... why did you call me again?

Shaun: Uhmmm... you called me, Jessica.

Jessica: Oh, yeah! Well, I just wanted to ask why you are doing all those posts on people making faces and you haven't done one on me.

Shaun: I know, I'm sorry Jessica. They were just spur of the moment posts that...

Jessica: Hey, I'm Jessica Simon for crying out loud!

Shaun: Your surname's Simpson, Jessica.

Jessica: I know my last name! It's Jessica Simpleton!

Shaun: Simpson, Jessica. Your... Oh, forget it! What do you want?

Jessica: I want you to show everyone how good I am at making faces. I can do lots of impressions. I pretended I was a kitty once and everyone tried to pet me.

Shaun: Awww... You must have been a cute little girl, Jess. Wow, it's funny how we can remember things from so long ago.

Jessica: I know, I still remember it and it happened all the way back last week.

Shaun: Oh Jessica, you're so... pretty.

Jessica: Everyone always says that about me.

Shaun: I'm sure they do, Jess. Well, I'll get to posting now and tell people how you give good face.

Jessica, before you go, can you tell all the people what you figured out about navigating the Internet?

Jessica: Oh yeah, you have to remember the...

... before you type the word.

Shaun: Excellent, just excellent Jessica!

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