Friday, September 12, 2008

Spiffy Linkage

Observations Of The NOW:

With all the "historic Presidential ticket" talking going around, I've been inspired to break some barriers myself. That's why I'm announcing that I'm running for Hurricane in 2009. That's right people, I have started a petition to change the name of 'Hurricane Sam' in 2009 to 'Hurricane Shaun Industry.' I want to break the highest ceiling of them all, folks - the glass stratosphere!

Please sign my petition so I can rock you like a HURRICANE in 2009!

Oh, and here's something I just noticed:

This just screams jail bait. She's wearing several shades of glittery eye makeup and candy jewelry, people. This has To Catch a Predator written all over it. But hey, at least you'll get to meet Chris Hanson.

Linkage Of The NOW:

In a rare moment of lucidity, Jessica Simpson lets loose with a silent, chilling scream for help. (Gawker)

Val Kilmer's single-handedly trying to start the male baby-bump trend. Good Luck, Val! (Candy Kirby)

Charlie Gibson proves Sarah Palin has lipstick for brains. (Jossip)

Pamela Anderson: tattoo on her left arm or age spots? You decide. (Webster's Is My Bitch)

I truly believe God has an excellent sense of humor, and here's some proof. I'm filing this one under appropriate signage. (Pink Sheep of the Family)

See, I thought that Beyonce beheaded the other two girls from Destiny's Child to absorb all of their combined knowledge and power. There can be only one! (In Case You Missed It)

Girl, you look like a cheese souffle with blueberry topping. The photographer should've blurred your face! (9 to Fried)

The wind has blown across the "Great Divide" for Sarah McLachlan. Something tells me it's back to Lilith Fair. (Gravy and Biscuits)

Speaking of Jessica Simpleton, what gay pride leopard did she skin for that outfit? (Just Jared)

Rant Of The NOW:

Can I ask, is real journalism dead? I mean, I'm volunteering to help evacuees from the East Texas coast, but why is every journalist from San Antonio to Austin to Odessa trying to make it sound like the Ike's smuggling nukes into the country to destroy each of their respective cities. It's sickening to think that actual people have and will be hurt from this hurricane and while some people are waiting with baited breath for it to make an unpredictable turn so they have something to say on the evening news. Sad.

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