Friday, August 8, 2008

Man Has Plastic Surgery To Look Like Barbie's Ex, Ken, But Ends-Up Looking Like Anime Character

Cindy Jackson is probably one of the most natural-looking of the "human Barbie dolls". Jackson, like several other Barbie look-alike-wannabes - Jenny Lee, Sarah Burge, and even Brigitte Nielsen - has been inspired by the doll from childhood. She aspired to achieve Barbie's aesthetic and turned to cosmetic surgery to that end.

Cindy expected a glamorous life after having over thirty surgeries to look like her plastic idol. What she probably didn't expect was to inspire other people to do the same, especially a man! That is, however, exactly what happened when Tim Whitfield Line (37) saw Cindy on a news program in his native England.

“I wanted to be a male version of her,” says Line, who has since changed his name to Miles Kendall after over $50,000 in plastic surgery.

Silly, Miles... Ken isn't the male version of the human Barbie. We all know that the human male version of Barbie is Larry Birkhead. Mr. Birkhead is also the male version of Paris Hilton and the female version of Brad Pitt.

This Ken (Miles) and Barbie (Cindy), like their smaller counterparts, are just friends. Let's just say there's a good reason why the dolls are just friends.

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