Saturday, August 16, 2008

Paris says, "I've Never Had Plastic Surgery". She's Naturally Fake.

If you aren't already aware, Craftmatic Adjustable Girl, Paris Hilton "stars" in the rock opera, Repo! The Genetic Opera as Amber Sweet. Her character is a plastic surgery addict and possibly a transsexual, judging from the photo above.

Paris recounts having to wear many prosthetics for the role, saying, "The looks were pretty brutal at points. I was pretty embarrassed by all the prosthetics on my face. In every scene I look completely different." They couldn't have been any more brutal than Little Miss Tone-Deaf, herself, singing.

Apparently her boy-toy, Benji Madden, was down with the drag queen dominatrix look. Paris says Benji thought she looked "hot". Well, I suppose now she has a look to go with those clunky-ass shoes she makes. You know what I say folks: if the shoe fits, it probably wasn't designed by Paris Hilton.

Meanwhile, is there such a thing as a prosthetic brain she can snap on?

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