Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Odd And Unfortunate Story Of Leslie Ash

Leslie Ash is a British actress best known for her role on the 90's BBC television series Men Behaving Badly, as Debra (Debs), Neil Morrissey's love interest. She was also featured in a 2003 crime/police drama, Mersey Beat, as a constable. She is currently married to former footballer, Lee Chapman.

Although other American sites, like Awful Plastic Surgery, have reported that Ash has won a settlement against the British hospital system (NHS) for contracting an infection "while being treated for a fall in a hospital," this is incorrect. The truth is much more juicy. Ash was originally hospitalized for a punctured lung and broken ribs after what she described as "energetic sex" with Chapman. She was admitted to the hospital for the lung and rib injuries, where she contracted a strain of MRSA for which she has sued and won a settlement of $10 million dollars (5 million British pounds) - the highest settlement ever offered in a suit against the system.

The actress had lip implants in 2003, which she subsequently learned she was allergic to and made her lips swell to massive proportions. This left her to fend-off a barrage of insults about her "trout pout" that looked more like a duck bill then anything.

"If I'd lost a leg in a car crash, people wouldn't have felt able to take the mickey out of me so mercilessly....People don't laugh at Heather Mills because she lost a leg," said Ash during a radio interview.

Well, I'm not so sure about that, Ms. Ash. You see, most people don't splash down cash to be hit by fast moving vehicles. It's not a matter of an accident over which you had no control, but one of poor judgment on your part. Lip implants are not highly regarded by the top surgeons of the world and most surgeons in America will not use them, most suggest Restylane injections - although both can leave a person looking like they have two pink sausages attached to their mouths...

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