Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hollywood Plastic Surgeons To Stars: You People Won't Be Happy Until You Have One Eye To Share Between All Of You!

Super-Fantastic Plastic prides ourselves on spotting celebrity cosmetic surgery trends, and have we got one for you today! It seems that the volumetric face lift is still struggling to catch on in Hollywood, where the face stretching stars have just switched form vertical, perpetually startled- looking face lifts to the vertical, 180 degree vision procedure.

That's right, it seems that Hollywood won't be satisfied until they have one eye, stretching from ear-to-ear and one pupil to bounce around from left to right. For example: Sandra Bernhardt has been seen looking like she has an LED ticker sign resting on her ample nose. Brad Pitt is still hunky, but he may be a cylon. Mary Tyler-Moore is out to prove "one man can make a difference" and, if Kanye West catches on to the trend, he may need to switch from the shutter-style shades a la Max Headroom to the horizontal blinds-style visor sported by Jordie LaForge.

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