Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bad Plastic Surgery Goes International

I wonder if Igor woke up one morning, looked at his brother, Grinchka, and said, "You know brother, I think we'd look fabulous if we put flesh jockstraps on our chins!"

Did Grinchka wholeheartedly agree? Did he say, "That's a fabulous idea brother! Actually, you know, I've always thought my chin could use a kneecap. And the best part is, since we're brothers, if we get the same procedures done, no one will suspect a thing!"

I've heard of people bringing photos of celebrities for surgeons to match aesthetics with, but why out of all the people on Earth did the Bogdanovs bring their surgeon a picture of Rocky Dennis? Well, in the case of Igor and Grinchka Bogdanov (French television hosts and scientists, authors of the Bogdanov Affair), money has trumped common sense. They've obviously had horrible bulging chin implants, cheek implants and I'm just guessing that the face stretch they've had has left their ears somewhere at the back of their necks - plastic surgery surround sound!

Now that we've covered France, how about a jaunt to beautiful Italy? Ahhhh... Roma, the eternal city. Italians live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and if you're a lover of the Italian look (and who isn't?), then their gorgeous little peninsula is home to some of the most beautiful people in the world as well. Except for, of course, Italian socialite, Michaela Romanini. Nope, that's not Mick Jagger in drag, that is what I can only assume to be an actual woman - it's a sad world we live in when Mick Jagger is a prettier female than a real woman. *le sigh* But hey, maybe Michaela can get work as a female Geiko caveman!

Apparently, the massive-vagina-on-your-face look is en vogue in Italy. It's also the look du jour for Donatella Verginaface, herself.

WOW! The world just got a little scarier, didn't it?

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