Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Madonna Has Huge Head, Sells Magazines

The sexiest toaster of our time, Madonna, currently graces the cover of New York magazine as "the new, new face", as opposed to the old, new face, Joan Rivers. Madonna's freakishly massive head is en vogue once more, so she's striking a pose and showing off the skin saran-wrapped and cotton-stuffed to it. This is totally in opposition to a piece done years ago by OUT magazine in which Madonna graced the cover and her head was reduced to make room for all the writing that needed to go on the cover as well, but made her appear alien with a saucer-shaped skull and bulging eyes.

New York magazine announced Madonna, flush with Restylane, as the baby face every cosmetic surgery enthusiast should be emulating. Runners-up were Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and their spooky, Children of the Corn bobble-head doll, massive-head-on-a-rake-body look. Unfortunately, the author of the article ran out of space discussing Hollywood's new cosmetic trends and decided not to tackle the pesky topic of plastic surgery, despite it being, y'know, pretty much the basis for his whole story.

Madge is still great fun though; only a few years ago, the 'Queen of Pop' made a guest appearance on the hit BBC show, Doctor Who. Madonna played the Face of Boe. She had to be digitally enhanced to appear 5,000 years old and her head had to be shaved-down to fit into a wide screen, but her performance was show-stopping. Her appearance on the show, however, prompted criticism from another well-known face that chose to make a cameo earlier on the same show: Cindy McCain (the new, new face of Boe-tox) as Cassandra.

Super-Fantastic Plastic is announcing that we've discovered our own celebrity plastic surgery trend: people wanting to look like puppets.

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