Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trannylicious? Plastic Surgery To Look Like A Man Who (Kinda) Looks Like A Woman?

Fergie's such a lady, but she's lookin' like a tranny! Fergie's a few Restylane injections into her giant inflatable lips, another mid-brow lift and an overzealous hairdresser with a blonde weave away from being Amanda Lepore. The brow lift that gave her the Spock eyebrows didn't help either.

Also, has anyone noticed that RuPaul looks like a more attractive version of Tyra Banks? Tyra's nose job may have given her the petite little nose that RuPaul was blessed with and Tyra's fivehead definitely looks a little manly. Plus, she loves the big-hair, scary-makeup drag queen look. Come to think of it, is anyone entirely sure Tyra was born a woman?

For those uninitiated into the gay culture, allow me to enlighten you with some gay history, or as I like to call it, HIStory. Although men have probably been dressing in woman's clothing long before the time of the word 'drag', drag was used as a term for clothing one used to pretend to be something they weren't in the late nineteenth century in London: there was solider drag, sailor drag, female drag, even queen drag (one man was notorious for dressing as and impersonating the Queen, herself, which was a crime at the time). The latter was, pretty obviously, the beginning of the term 'drag queen'. Pretty interesting, eh?

The purpose of queen drag was not to make others believe you were a woman, it was originally a social commentary, a joke about the strictness and conformity of society. This later developed into a comment, not on society as a whole, but on gender and it's non-yielding conformity. Drag queens didn't want to be perceived as women, but as ultra-feminine caricatures of women. This is the main difference between drag queens and transsexuals, whose purpose it is to pass as women.

I suppose the question then becomes, are women just becoming hyper-sexualized caricatures of themselves and willing to have plastic surgery to that end?

I guess that's the question for our time. While you're pondering that, let me ask you this: is Michaela Romanini really a Geiko caveman in drag?

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