Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Heidi Montag Apologizes For Her Music Career

OK, so she's only apologizing for "technical errors" in the digital upload of her newest abortion set to music, Overdosin' - you know, the one where she rips off the video for the Eric Prides' song, Call Me. Since when is gross lack of talent a "technical error"? Is she speaking for God, because if that's the case, I think the entire cast of The Hills should apologize in proxy for their Lord and Maker.

Too bad they can't Photoshop in a better voice for horsey Heidi. I gotta say though, she does work that Bandit.


Illuminati said...

So let me ask...if the Hills goes away does she? Or does she somehow stay relevant forever, like Mac and Cheese.

Shaun Industry said...

I refuse to believe Heidi Montag may become an actual celebrity. Thank God she has no actual talent, or we'd be subjected to her indefinitely. I just cannot allow that.

Beej the Pink Sheep said...

That is so bad, it makes the baby Jesus cry!

Shaun Industry said...

It actually made him vomit. She's that bad.

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