Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Animal Celebrities Not Immune To Celebrity Trends

It might seem to be an idyllic, bohemian life for the stars of Discovery Channel's Meerkat Manor, but there are some disturbing trends brewing on the set with the stars traversing the Hollywood celebrity lifestyle.

I'm happy to report that the sassy brunette, Bright Eyes, is in recovery for her substance abuse problem. Cast mates report that she is currently working on her follow-up album to last year's critically acclaimed Back To Burrow. Things aren't so bright for her husband, Hannibal, however. The 3-year-old bad boy of the burrow was arrested under suspicion of narcotics trafficking.

Producers are similarly worried about Cassandra, who's obsession with cosmetic surgery culminated last year in an almost entirely new face. The 2-year-old starlet's (pictured above) obsession began with routine rhinoplasty. Later, she shocked fellow cast members by showing up on set after the show's summer hiatus with huge, swollen lips and breast that had grown nearly three cup sizes.

It appears no stars of any species are immune to the lure of Hollywood glamour and substance abuse. Let's hope that these stars are not neglected by their mental health communities.

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