Monday, August 4, 2008

Celebs Aging In Vein(s), Knees, And Hands - Anywhere But Their Faces

Lulu, the 59-year-old Scottish woman that calls herself a "singer" after one moderately successful song released 40 years ago, calls off Botox treatments, but still looks freshly ironed (and probably the best example of good plastic surgery among the three others mentioned here). The British entertainer was recently photographed about town sans face wrinkles, but in possession of a pair of granny knees. It appears that she may have given up Botox to make room for a neck and face lift while neglecting her lower limbs.

Lulu ain't the only one starching her face to spite her other appendages. Celebrity silly putty, Sylvester Stallone, was recently photographed on a family outing on board his yacht. Geriatric Rambo was spotted shaking hands with an unknown man and trying desperately to hold the veins from popping out of his arm. The 62-year-old action movie actor also sported what looked like a severe burn - he probably got to close to the reviews of the latest Rocky movie.

Former M*A*S*H star, Loretta Swit (70), has been seen at events with a tight face and loose neck. The actress turned department store manikin appears to have everything lifted, stretched, and pulled besides her neck which puts us in a Thanksgiving mindset with its delightful wattle. Loretta, even Rocky and Lulu (aren't those the names of Madonna's kids?) know not to ignore the neck!

NOTE: Recently, Loretta Swit has been spotted sporting a bandage on her nose, sparking rumors of skin cancer. Although the star has not released a statement as to the state of her health, SFP wishes Ms. Swit good health and a speedy recovery, should she be suffering from some mystery ailment.

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