Saturday, August 2, 2008

Miley Cyrus: Chipette Wants A New Chin

Okay, first of all, y'all need to recognize - it ain't easy finding a picture of "Smiley Miley" acting dramatic, or with any sort of accomplishment. I don't think she should've apologized for the Vanity Fair shot. It's the only photograph to compare to thousands of others that demonstrate her emotional range: from dumb-ass goofy grin, numbers 1 - 1,000,000, all the way to mildly constipated, as captured by Annie Leibovitz and airbrushed to an oil painting by nameless Vanity Fair graphic artists.

Our favorite Chippette, Miley Cyrus, can't stand her jutting jaw and rounded chin. A source close to the Cyrus family tells Star Magazine that Miley's itching to get underneath a surgeon's scalpel. I'm also willing to stake a sizable amount that, heading down the skanky path she's currently navigating, she'll be itching from other things in other places by getting underneath other men and their 'tools'.

At only 15, Papa Cyrus won't let Hannah Chiptana resort to plastic surgery just yet, says the source. The patriarch of the Cyrus clan tries to get Miley to take it all in stride and have a little pride in her trademark Cyrus chin. Who knew Billy Ray had some common sense? Don't tell my heart, Billy, my achy-breaky heart that you may not be as big and dumb a redneck as we thought. I just don't think he'd understand.

If Miley were a completely grown woman, then I'd say that she shouldn't let what someone else thinks stop her from doing something that she wants to do to make herself a little more happy with the image she presents to the world. Alas, she'd still got at least three years before she's a legal adult and God knows how many more years - being that she lives in Hollywood - after that before logical thinking kicks in.

If a surgeon were to work on Miley's prominent chin, he'd have a few options. The best option being facial contouring: taking fat from some areas of the face and grafting them to others. He could also use facial implants - either by themselves or along with fat transfer. Your face shape can be easily changed by a surgeon -whether for the better or the worse is really up to you choosing a talented and ethical plastic surgeon.

As we at SFP have said before, plastic surgery is not for children. Teenagers' and young adults' bodies and facial structure change all the time. Plus, you never know when something that seemed like a good idea when your a teenager will become a regrettable mistake as an adult. Speaking of which, does anybody know where I can get this Thunder Cats tattoo lasered off?

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Joyful Shepherd said...

Good comparison of Miley in the Hannah Montana wig and Eleanor the Chippette.
Made me laugh out loud! said...

Not only that, Beej, they even have the same skin tone and blush!

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