Sunday, August 3, 2008

An Unconventional 'Angel'

Aerosmith was wrong, folks: lady looks like a dude. For those of you unfamiliar with alternative gay pornography, I present to you Buck Angel (above, on the left side of your screen is what Angel looked like before he began reassignment and next to that is what he looks like now). Angel is a female-to-male transsexual.

Buck Angel has had a double mastectomy (both of his breasts were removed) - this is considered a cosmetic procedure and is performed by a plastic surgeon. It looks like Buck has also had some facial recontouring to create a more angular, masculine face. It's not uncommon for transpeople to have facial recontouring surgeries, as well as implants to make their faces more masculine or feminine, so to match their choice of gender. Many FTM transpeople also have surgeries to refine their bodies: implants to mimic muscle, fat grafts to create wider hips (for MTF transsexuals) and liposculpture are popular - it does not, however, look like Angel has undergone any of these procedures. His defined musculature is most likely the result of hard work and hormone therapy.

Angel has never had, and does not plan to have phalloplasty (the surgery to reconstruct or create a penis) as he believes - as many trans-men do - that the expensive surgery (it generally costs up to four times that of its MTF counterpart) is not worth it. Buck has, however, made a interesting career out of his lack of a penis.

Angel has become a porn star and is popular in many alternative gay porn circles. He performs with men, women and other transpeople. I've never been a pornography fan, myself, so I'm not familiar with Buck's "work" - I'm more cerebral than sexual... Still, to each their own. I wish Angel the best.

I must make one observation before I go, though:

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