Thursday, August 21, 2008

Me Link You Long Time!

Quotables Of The NOW:

Let he who is without faggotry cast the first stiletto. - Shaun Industry (hey, I can quote myself! I'm named after the John the Apostle, the only Biblical author to, not only quote himself, but misquote himself.)

Observation Of The NOW:

Is it just me, or are there a lot of unintentionally gay commercials on TV lately? My perverted sense of humor, let me show you it -

#1) You've got an extraordinary nut snack.

#2) Oh, Bobby, have I got something big, with a buncha beef for you! Good thing you're in the back seat!

#3) Five dollar footlongs... Y'know, this may be the first time a guy has made this hand gesture to me and I didn't have to move his hands closer together after I saw what he was offering.

#4) The world really CAN be tough on bottoms. But some like it, so...

#5) Guy in leotard plays with his Almond Joy while his "partner" gets on top of the mounds.

Linkage Of The NOW:

They REALLY need to change the name of this post: "Matilda Ledger Has Finger Fun". (Just Jared)

"It's the sea that chicken swim in - vitamin beer!" Is it possible that Jessica Simpson isn't all that stupid, is she just drunk? (Pink Sheep of the Family)

Jason Statham does GQ, pays him $500,000 to keep his mouth shut. Now GQ can't sit down and there's blood in his BM. (Pink Is The New Blog)

Straight designer, Joe of Project Runway won the drag competition last night! Can you believe he's straight. His wife and kids can't believe he's straight. His daughter was the inspiration for his drag costume. The bed in the apartments reminds him of his daughter. His wife is so happy for him. He has a wife, they're married. His wife is a woman. He thinks there are "too many queens" on Project Runway. He doesn't like queens. He has a beard. He's not gay. HE'S NOT GAY. He's not gay!!!! Hey, here's a thought, why don't we all get together and get all the guys who aren't gay on reality TV shows about really gay things - like fashion design - T-shirts so they can stop telling us about what big strappin' straighties they are? (Blogging Project Runway)

Gap khakis are back? Okay, but just don't dig-up Brian Setzer - I can jump, jive, or wail anymore. (Gawker)

Ricky Martin welcomed twins into the world via a surrogate mother - she bangs, just not with him. He's taking a break from his busy schedule of looking pensive with facial hair, being seen as "that gay guy who sang that one song" in shopping centers all around Puerto Rico, blatantly hitting on women to prove his manhood and nailing his hairdresser to father the twins. (Jossip)

Is Paris Hilton a terrorist? Well. she's threatening to terrorize London with her presence. Someone alert Interpol. (Popsugar)

What's this? Give up? A Spencer Pratt condom. Ha! Yeah, Heidi's a virgin the way that girls in my high school were virgins till they squeezed out their third kid and actually paid the hospital bill. (Gravy and Biscuits)

Are they planning a remake of Brokeback Mountain? Cause if they are, these guys could do a much better job in the pivotal roles. (Towleroad)

Rant Of The NOW:

Someone told me that you appear on the annoying comment spammer website ( Is it true? Cause if it is, you look like you're wasting space and air and I'll be send you an e-mail so I can get your address. I want to send a hitman over right away!

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