Tuesday, August 26, 2008

HUGE Rant, Followed By Links

Rant Of The NOW:

Okay, folks, today you get the rant first! I'm hopping mad. It seems there's no honor among bloggers. Skid mark in the underpants of humanity and all-around fat sack of crap, Perez Hilton is ripping off this website. He "broke" the story about Chace Crawford's image being used for a dating site called WooMe (his post) almost an hour and a half after I did on this site (my post). I know that I was the first to report on it, as I did extensive research (I called everyone I knew and searched every online search engine - even Dogpile! Honestly, who uses Dogpile?) on why a company would be so stupid as to simply steal the image of someone famous, whose face is known to millions, before I posted - check the time stamp on my post. AND the ad had been up for at least three days before I decided to post on it, then the queen of all mediocrity's post miraculously appears right after mine. Guess what? Once I posted, I was the only one that kept coming up on the search engines. Of course, now there are like a gajillion sites copying Perez.

I wouldn't feel at all bad if my post had turned up on Pink Is The New Blog, as I am the one that sent the tip to Trent and I know that, should he have (or if he will fashion a post on it) that he'd give credit where credit is due. Perez, on the other hand... What a waste of breath that land-beast is.

People, here's a lesson: Perez Hilton is lying, thieving, miserable human being with no talent. He makes fun of other people to make up for his obviously piss-poor self-esteem. Look, I make fun of people all the time - most of them deserve it - but if you are going to poke fun at someone, shouldn't it be funny?

I'm so freaking angry right now!

Alright, fine... I'll move on.

Observations Of The NOW:

Tucker Max finally tells the truth -

Look at him, in all his baby balls glory! I love the 'Ta-Da' pose too. Y'know, the really sad thing is that my Photoshoped sign behind Tucker is actually more symmetrical than the real sign in the photograph.

Linkage Of The NOW:

Cat Woman might be crazy, menopausal cat lady, Cher (Pink Sheep of the Family)

Jesse McCartney still hasn't realized he's not black. (Just Jared)

Nobody loves John Mayer. Surprise, surprise... That's what you get for making out with Perez Hilton, you wannabe-rocker douchebag. (Celebitchy)

Katie Curic's attitude may be the only thing still "perky" (Seriously? OMG! WTF?)

When no one was looking, Tom Cruise actually sang really well and danced with the beat. You go Tom, keep throwing them off track - they'll never realize you're not human. (Snark Food)

I'd "like to announce" several people are dead, but I think I'll have to put up a fight for the privilege. (Chris Illuminati)

Heidi Montag's Overdosin' on The Bandit (Webster's Is My Bitch)

Rant Of The NOW... Again:

Oh, believe me, I have many more rants in me, but they'll have to wait. I have work to do so that less witty and observant bloggers have stories to steal.

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