Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wacko Asho?

Did Michael Jackson do something special for his 50th and run off to get "the Madonna" (Volumetric face lift)? His once skeletal visage now appears plump, almost portly and pregnant. Examine the eerie similarities in the picture of the ghostly-white pop star against a picture of Ashlee Simpson - aside from the coloring (Ashlee could more easily pass for black than Jacko) - they have the same nose, the same mouth, same (butt)chin, the same horrible taste in eye and hat wear... They look like twins or, dare I say it? Sisters?

First, it seemed all people in Hollywood were going to be drum-tight and Kabuki masked; now it appears that they have their hearts set on looking uncomfortably bloated. Injectable fillers manufacturers must be thrilled. It's a Thriller!

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