Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yikes! Lookalikes!

As frequent readers of this blog know, I'm pretty good at spotting crazy lookalikes. Yes, I frequently point-out celebrity doppelgangers on this site, usually on my Linktastic Plastic posts, but I also include them on other posts when they're relevant. I've recently come across the site TotallyLooksLike.com - a great site from the same people that bring you I Can Has Cheezburger. I like the site so much that I've submitted some of the lookalikes that, as far as I know, I was the first to spot.

You know how the internet is though, folks... I'm sure some idiot will come on my blog a month or so from now and claim I stole submissions from TLL that I, myself, made to that site. As such, I've decided to make a preemptive strike and bring you a thorough list of all the likenesses I've pointed out on this blog, so far - I believe that I am the first to point out these likeness in most (if not all) of the following instances.

Three that I've submitted to Totally Looks Like:

Madonna = Face of Boe from Doctor Who

Andre the Giant = Michael Phelps

Thurston Howell III = Christopher Ciccone

Others I've posted, but did not submit to TLL:

Rapunzel Barbie = Larry Birkhead

Madonna = Toaster

Ed Westwick = Thurston Howell III

Cindy McCain = Cassandra from Doctor Who

Al Rocher = Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

Fergie = Amanda Lepore + RuPaul = Tyra Banks

Michaela Romanini = Geiko Caveman

Margo Tenenbaum = Creepy Suzie

D.J. Quals = LinLo's DJ SamRo

A Whole Bunch Of Celebs = Fraggle Rock Cast

Michel "Dr. Death" Maure = Karl Lagerfeld

Adam Savage = Buck Angel (FTM porn star)

Miley Cyrus = Dramatic Chipmunk + Eleanor Chipette = Hanna Montana

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