Monday, August 4, 2008

Jodie Marsh(mallow) Boobs

Continuing our coverage on bad breast implants and the women who love them. SFP brings you UK model, Jodie Marsh. The 29-year-old glamor model and TV personality asked her surgeon for Pam Anderson's breast, and he, unfortunately, delivered. The huge beachballs attached to Marshmallow's chest aren't just fake-looking, their scary too. I'd hate to see her run - those things must knock together like a couple of ball clackers!

"I've got much more style than Jordan. I don't just go out in a bra and knickers and I don't think I dress like a tart," says Jodie.

Yes, because the outfit above has so much more class than, say, a Victoria Secret model. Leather bondage outfits are so chic and sophisticated, Jodie. It's so sad you also seem to have a marshmallow for a brain.

You know, Marshmallow, we have a word for women like you, and I believe it's never been more fittingly applied - seeing as how you have those huge utters attached. The word? Heifer.

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