Friday, August 1, 2008

Cher to Kathy Griffin: 'Suck It, Bizitch - Plastic Rules!'

You might want to re-think the whole no-more-plastic-surgery thing now, Kathy - Cher's got an Academy Award, an Emmy, a Grammy, three Golden Globes and her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And it seems, she's got you beat on cosmetic surgical procedures, as well. Although the exact number is unknown, Cher has - by her own report - spent a "small fortune" on plastic surgery.

Although Kathy, the spunky redhead, has claimed that their will be no more plastic surgery for her, Cher (62) has just been spotted leaving a medical center in California in a pair of over-sized glasses to hide most of her face sparking more plastic surgery rumors. Cher Believe(s) in life with plastic surgery, it seems.

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More Cherology: Cher is the only female recording artist to ever have Top 10 hits in every decade of her career. She is also the oldest female with a song in the top ten. Her smash 1998 single, Believe is the third best-selling single to be released by a female artist worldwide, the eight best-selling song of the 90's, the biggest-selling ever for Warner Bro. Records and the biggest-selling dance song of all time, selling 10 million copies worldwide.

You might wanna be more like Cher than Brit-Brit or Amy Wine-Always-In-The-House... They're a flash in the pan compared to Cher.


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