Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Celebrity Trend: Plastic Surgery To Look Like Puppets

It's true folks, it appears Hollywood celebrities are no longer satisfied to look like their old-school LA beauties. No, they have replaced the urge to have Marylin Monroe's cheeks, or Betty Davis' brows, or Rudolf Valentio's eyes. Now, they're striving to look like their favorite puppets.

Professional photo prop, Phoebe Price and Carrot Top - no word yet on the rumor that Carrot Top actually made Phoebe Price as a prop for a bad joke on Hollywood - are fighting to emulate their favorite fraggle, Red. Meanwhile, Donatella Versace and Faye Dunaway give us their best Janice the Muppet. Madonna and Joan Rivers are looking like a regal Madame. It's madness, people!

Plastic surgery may not be the only surgery celebs are using to look like their favorite plushy stars. I've heard some gossip - I've just started it, actually - that weatherman, Al Roker, had stomach stapling to slim down in an attempt to magnify the resemblance to his hero, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. He may even be recruiting Tyler Hansbrough to be his Beaker.

Folks, just because it's called plastic surgery doesn't mean you should actually aspire to look like plastic people! What's next? Designer skin textures to make you more fuzzy, like the other fraggles down in Fraggle Rock... *clap clap*... down in Fraggle Rock?

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