Saturday, August 30, 2008

Republicon Candidate, John McSoundwave, Chooses Blackarachnia As Veep

In a strange turn of events, the Deceptican Presidential candidate, John McSoundwave, has chosen Sarah "Overdone and Short" Blackarachnia as a running mate on the Republicon ticket this November in their bid to be rulers of Earth... I mean... uhmmm... leaders of the nation. Yeah, that's the stuff... LEADERS, not cruel overlords.

Blackarachnia Palin strongly believes that no human child should be aborted, as this would deny her the right to fatten them up before they stumble into her web and she eats them. She also believes that America should pump more money into weaving and trapdoor making and less on solar power (she's afraid of bright lights) and wind energy (large gust make it impossible for her to lower herself on a single strand with any precise trajectory).


Meanwhile, John McSoundwave calls upon support from his two oldest friends, Senator Lazerbeak and Congressman Rumble.


Beej the Pink Sheep said...

Shaun, you know I love you. I think every thing you say is hilarious! BUT this "Republicons" term you've coined is over-the-top! Love it!
The resemblance is uncanny.

Shaun Industry said...

Why thank you, Beej. I rather like my Republicon term as well. Palin first reminded me of Blackarachnia and then I realized that McCain does bare a resemblance to Soundwave - how funny is it that Soundwave is one of the oldest "Transformer" characters and Blackarachnia is one of the newest?

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