Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Links Of The NOW

Anecdote Of The NOW:

Hosting the show, You Bet Your Life, Groucho Marx was making small talk with a contestant that spoke in broken English and made an easy target for the witty, quick-thinking Marx.

When asked about his family, the man said, "I have eleven children."

"Eleven children!" Marx exclaimed.

The contestant innocently offered, "I love my wife."

Marx replied, "I love my cigar, but I take it out of my mouth once in while."

Observation of the NOW:

With Shia LaBeouf's latest alcohol-fueled accident, people are re-posting his 2007 mugshot from the Walgreens incident, which was also alcohol related. But has anyone noticed how ridiculous this photo looks? It looks like a school yearbook photo from junior high.

Also, don't you just love sites that post these kinds of photos and add their own watermarks as if they took the shot, or they did anything to it other than post it?

Linkage Of The NOW:

Chace Crawford doesn't let rumors of him being gay bother him, he just lets them "roll of (his) back" - much like Ed's spooge. Oops! Did I say that out loud? (Pink Is The New Blog)

Fashion designer spews Fruity Pebbles all over her dress; meanwhile, a prematurely arthritic heiress can't tie a bow. (Ayyyy!)

Tila Tequila finds "true love" with apparent stroke victim, Courtenay Semel. Now we just have to wait for the tattoo or the T-shirt to prove said "love". (Popcrunch)

I'm afraid I can't divulge my source for this link, but it's a web magazine whose name begins with a 'G', ends with a 'K' and sounds like 'locker'. (Gawker)

Lil' Mama, Medicine 'Hoe (Go Fug Yourself)

Mary-Kate Olsen channels her inner Margo Kidder. (Evil Beet Gossip)

Everyone was wrong, Lisa-Marie Presley isn't just fat, she's pregnant - with twins! No word yet on which one's Ignorance and which is Want (yes, that was a literary reference). (Celeb Warship)

Hmmm... What award should we give people who win a Teen Choice Award? A tasteful golden statuette, or a crudely painted plywood surfboard? Well, we all know teens are renowned for making good choices. (Pink Sheep of the Family)

Worshiper of celebrity transvestite, Ann Coulter, starts right-wing Hollywood blog to counter all of us "lefty" gossip sites. Expect nausea. (Jossip)

Richie Rich and Traver Rains have surprisingly normal-looking dog. (Gents Canine Society)

Penn Badgley gets tomorrow's news today with this scary view of the future. So, is she auditioning for the part of Peggy Bundy in the Married With Children movie? (Just Jared)

Britney Spears might be a killer lesbian stripper. Might? So, who is she going to study to build the character? Lindsey Lohan and Jenna Jameson? (I Don't Like You That Way)

Rant Of The NOW:

To continue with my blogging and blog readers rant from above, you know what I just love? When a blog reader feels the need to point-out every little grammatical and spelling error I've ever made in a blog. Give me a freakin' break, guys! You know how much I write in a day between updating this blog and writing my novel? How would you like it if I came down to Burger King and criticized the way you make Whoppers?

Guess what? Today you get two - count 'em - two rants for the price of one! You know what else irks me? When I can't make fun of someone because I happen to resemble them and I don't want to inadvertently call myself ugly.

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