Monday, August 11, 2008

Don't Change A Thing, Keira Knightley

The beautiful 23-year-old, butt-kicking Brit is the next to receive SFP's, Don't Change A Thing advice. For the actress' latest movie, The Duchess, producers wanted to beef-up her bosoms, but the out-spoken talent nixed the idea of digitally enhanced boobs - the likes of which had been added to the promotional material of one of her films, 2004's King Arthur. The digital enhancements did not go unnoticed and let to something of an uproar surrounding the movie and Knightley's phony endowment. It only makes sense that the down-to-earth young starlet took a stand against further digital trickery for her future films.

“She has insisted that her figure stay in its natural state, she is proud of her body and doesn’t want it altered,” says an inside source to the UK's Daily Mail.

Frequenters of this blog know that Super-Fantastic Plastic does not disparage any adult who makes the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery for their own personal piece of mind, but by a different side of the same token, we also applaud those that make the choice not to undertake surgery. We congratulate Ms. Knightley in her attempt to not produce a false image to the viewing pubic and we maintain that she is just that much sexier for it.

Keira may be shocked to learn that women, especially New York women, may be having non-facial cosmetic surgery to look more like her. Plastic surgeons in New York have reported female patients increasingly asking for liposuction on their shoulders to appear more sinewy and defined while pointing out Knightley's perfectly formed shoulders as an example (along with those of the yoga-loving Madonna).

Don't change a thing, Keira! You're a unique English beauty, full of wabi-sabi and we love you!

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