Sunday, August 10, 2008

Man Amputates His Own Toes In Pursuit Of Beauty

For Leen's entire interview with BMEzine and more (graphic) photos of his amputations, please click here.

Shia LeBeouf might have made it into this freak's man's fantasies, had the 22-year-old actor not had the good fortune to keep his pinky after his disastrous, alcohol-related auto accident.

I'm trying desperately not call the man who makes up the subject matter of this post an idiot, a moron, a dimwit, human divot, jackass, or a waste of breath. Oh well, I guess I'll just begin and see how it pans out.

A South African man who calls himself "Leen", is a voluntary amputee. Leen is a part of a group of people whose sexual fetish involves amputation. He is a 43-year-old diabetic construction worker. Leen has amputated, or partially amputated all of the toes on his left foot and partially amputated his right foot. The idiot - hey, I got further into the story than I thought I would - has also partially castrated himself.

Of course, no ethical physician would amputate perfectly functional limbs. Leen has either performed the amputations himself, or cause substantial damage to the extremities so that the amputation would be necessary after infection set in.

The 43-year-old has never sought psychological help, even though self-harm is considered a major indication of mental illness.

"No, I never saw a therapist. I always knew this was the right thing to do. There was no “internal struggle”... nothing like that," says the moron (sorry, I'm trying to be understanding, really I am.)

As of the publication of the issue of BMEzine (Body Modification Ezine) last year, Leen's ultimate fantasy was to have his left leg amputated above the knee, but had not yet had it done. He also stated that neither his wife nor doctors knew of his fetish at that time. He had told doctors that he was diabetic and had gotten into fights to explain his hospital visits. He, unfortunately, feels his self-harming behavior is normal and doesn't feel guilty about wasting taxpayer money on his amputations, or the insult that he inflicts on those whose amputations were not by choice.

Perhaps he should get divorced and marry a fellow amputee fetishist. She could call herself "Ilene". Oh, like you weren't thinking it!

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