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Hello folks, sorry for the lateness of this first post of the day. I've been busy working on my novel with my editor on the phone and looking into going back to college - at almost thirty, mind you. So, I haven't had much sleep. That won't stop me from bring you the links you love, or love to hate.

Observation(s) Of The NOW:

So, I was watching VH1 last night waiting for The Cho Show and I sat through an entire episode of Glam God. If you haven't seen this show, it's a poor, potentially blind, completely tasteless version of Project Runway for people with even less talent than the mediocre designers featured on the current season of the later. It's hosted by Vivica A. Fox - a woman constructed in 1992 in the basement of the BET headquarters outta spare parts left over from En Vogue. Seriously, Vivica A. Fox. Who chose her to host a show on glamor? That smacks of an executive comprise more than an executive decision.

Then there are the designers: a group of ethnic stereotypes and gay clichés to rival the Runway with its cavalcade of annoyances. There's Bo, the designer that doesn't bother to spell his name correctly - it's Beau - and leaves me to wonder why the gay version of Luke isn't bringing in the General Lee, painted pink and lavender with diamond-studded stars. Then there's the Cuban guy who somehow hijacked Heidi Klum's accent. And they are joined by a host of other wannabes with fake names and accents and little talent.

Oh, and then, there's the stylists' mentor, Phillip Bloch. Lacking in sophistication and easy-going style, Phillip is no Tim Gunn. He's not even a Michael Kors and he's wearing too much blush to be Nina Garcia (by that, I mean it looks like he actually has blood in his cheeks). He's not wrinkled enough to be a Rachel Zoe, though he might have the gay husband... I'm still not entirely sure he's not just John Waters in a toupée.

If you're going to miss any show this season, make it this one!

You know, I've heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, I'm sure you folks can think of a few choice ones for this photo.

Linkage Of The NOW:

Michael Phelps puts the "special" back in the Olympics (Gawker)

Trent of Pink Is The New Blog constructs the world's most boring, masturbatory Mad-Lib with help from a new Hills twit. (Pink Is The New Blog)

Russel Brand to Pete Wentz: Do you know my name, Pete? And what's my surname? It's not Russel Brown, Pete. It's Russel Brand and I think you're going to know that name well, because it's going to be your surname soon - Pete Brand. (Pop Crunch)

Excuse Me? I don't think that was a very professional way to start a blog about me. I don't want to be connected to anything relating to the fact that I dress poorly and don't have an ounce of the same talent my sister does, says Solange Knowles. (I Don't Like You That Way)

Remember not to vote white after Labor Day, folks! (Jossip)

It's a great idea for Spiedi to open a bar - I'm betting most people, like myself, need an intoxicating substance to stand being in their presence without beating the crap outta both of them. (Just Jared)

McCunt plays the pussy card. (Snark Food)

It's a Thriller down at the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. (Pink Sheep of the Family)

Vote for our friend, Chris Illuminati in the Hot Blogger contest - I really want to see him work that tiara! (This is Illuminati)

Rant Of The NOW:

You know what I love? I love it when the people I talk about on this blog post comments on the posts about them and then expect that I have no way of knowing it's them. Frankly, I'd been waiting for Martin Richie to google himself frantically enough to read the post in which I bring his shallowness to light. First of all, Martin, as someone with a disability, I find it more than a little sickening that you're milking it for all it's worth. You never have anything interesting to say and as much as you speak about how you'd like to be an advocate and change the world, you're not doing anything about it. Real advocates devote time to charities, they do things to help others - and not for the photo op, either. It's not enough to have a dream, you have to work towards that vision.

And no, Martin, I'm not "jealous" of your "beauty". To me, everyone is beautiful (aside from the people that make themselves ugly by being oblivious to the struggles of the outside world). I have my own beauty - most of which can't be seen by any camera or on any television screen. I have nothing to be jealous about. I have my own gifts and talents. Plus, you know what, I'm not ugly on a purely aesthetic basis either, Martin. Hey, I may make fun of Pete Wentz, but I do bare a resemblance to the Emo weirdo and he's a model... Regardless of anything else, I've accepted myself for who I am and I like that person.

I have no aspirations of being a star. I do what I do because I feel it's what I was born to do. I write because it's in my soul. I like making people laugh and so I have chosen to do it on as frequent a basis as possible. I don't want to be famous, I just want to inspire others to speak their mind and do what's in their hearts. I don't want to be a celebrity, I want to be an example of what can happen if you keep doing what you know you want to do and never give up.

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